Thursday, December 18, 2008

still alive

seriously today has been better but this stinkin cold Kason and I got has been kicking out butts. its horriable and i feel so bad for Kason because if i feel this bad i could only imagine how bad he hurts! its hard to breathe, walk, move, pretty much anything but lay on the couch and watch movies.
Also our poor computer got sick and pretty much died on us. My brother n law who is amazing at computers is checking it all out for us (thanks eric we owe you big time) and hopefully it will be okay and we will be getting that back eventually but in the meantime my dad is letting us use his laptop. so i wont be on here too much, especially with Christmas around the corner and getting things set up still and yeah our poor christmas tree that sitting outside our front door (long story but it envolves snow, no tree stand, more snow, and procrastination) so we are hoping to get that all set up and finished soon. Luckily i wrapped all but a couple presents on the first of december so we are finished in that department!
oOOoOo! we got SNOW yeah and a good ammount too! about 5 inches today and we are expecting much more tomorrow as well! i am excited about it! Kason walked in it today, well kinda. i put him down and he stood there and then i made him walk which i dont think he was too pleased about.. oh well :) im the mommy! lol
well its late and we are headed off to bed. see ya

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