Friday, December 05, 2008

about time...

Yeah i know it has been a really really really LONG time!
Alot has happened, and luckily i have taken some pictures! bear with me here, im too busy and tired to proof them all or resize them.. just straight from the camera today!
I like us to get out and to the library often, Kason loves books. He loves to sit down and strum through the pages or eat them... he likes to eat them alot. lol here is Kason hamming it up at the library. he loves getting SUPER close to the camera and open his mouth HUGE like he's eating it lol.
At one of my baby showers Kason got this Thomas the Train toy. Until now he's been to small for it and i had it up in his closet. I finally grabbed it and brought it down and he has loved it ever since!
sorry this picture is blurry but still cute!
Our ward had a fall festival and As activity day leader i had to be there with my girls helping out in the booths we set up and ran. Logan brought Kason over after it started and he enjoyed it alot. He ate cookies and "played" games.
This is Kason as the "Ninja Shepard" lol! At the fall festival they had the kids dress up as characters in the manger scene for our christmas party in a couple weeks. They didn't want to mess up Kason's fohawk so they just tied a strip of fabric around his forehead.. it was super cute!
Kason's walking skills are outstanding and now he pretty much runs everywhere now and is brave and will walk away from us (we watch him no worries!) he usually turns back to see if we are watching.
After the carnival Kason got a good nap in and it wasn't raining so we met up with my friend Brooke and her daughter Breanna and went to a local park. It was getting dark but it wasn't freezing out or anything so we hurried up and got there so the kids could play
see it wasnt TOO dark or anything.. i hate how early it gets now..
And this is proof i have a friend! this is Brooke! see she is real!
Kason and Breanna going down the slide.. love kason's style!
Hello there kiddos!
Kason kept putting his face between the bars and laughing!
This boy loves to climb!
He loves the swirly slide, but in the bend he would end up flipping and rolling down so Brooke would have to help (notice the hands)
When Kason gets tired he will lay down whever he is and rub his head into a blanket, pillow, our legs etc. etc.Kason just chillin on the blanket.
I love his big eyes!
I was looking through Craiglist one day and i found these for 5 bucks! and i offered 3 and she said YES! how cute? they are pretty much new hardly worn, or at least it sure doesn't look at way. They are a bit big, but he loves to play with them and when he stomps around in them its so funny and cute!Cute huh! foggie boots!
And finally i got to go see TWILIGHT!! and i have to say it was GOOD! i liked it alot, a few things bugged me in it, but they were minor.
This is just part of the group. In the picture from left to right (top row) Grandma Della, Aunt Jean, Amy, Mom, Me (bottom row) Aunt Erlean, Aunt Patty. We had 12 people in our group- missing from the picture is my aunt Cathy and her SIL Holly, My cousin Tommie (she took the picture), Carrie, and Logan! yes he went and he liked it too!
My mom and her girls!
Thanks giving was great. Logan has always played Turkey bowl (football) in Shelton since he was like 12? anywho so we headed on out to shelton to play (kason and i watched)
Kason all already to go! Logan had fun. He scored 4 touchdowns and Kason took a nap! I got to read more of book so it was all very wonderful! We then went to my Grandpa and Grandma McGuire's and had a yummy dinner and enjoyed being with family. Logan and eric checking out the black friday ads. It wasn't too long until we had a line of us going through the ads... the papers were passed from eric through about 7 people to matthew!
This is Maegan as you all know, my adorable sweet niece!
Maegan and Kason. Too bad i didn't take a picture of his cute outfit.. i will soon! :)
I have a few pictures of my grandma but she would kill me if i posted them, she was lying on the ground while maegan gave her a back rub.
Logan and I did the crazy up at 4:30am shopping on Black Friday. We scored though. And im happy to say all is packed and already done for christmas! go me!!
So its happened. Kason has figured out how to open the gate.. well just one. the Wooden Pressure gate. He figured out how to push his knee up to pop it up, then climb over it. He then did the following:
He has also gotten into taking off his socks.. i find them everywhere!
I must have only gotten video of it, but he has soda cans everywhere! and was trying to drink out of each of them! it was pretty funny and cute. i will upload video soon.How cute is he! He has been more and more personality these days.. didnt think he could get more! he is STUBBORN and im not surprised you all know me and how stubborn i am (yes i admit it) and logan is stubborn too.. so our kids are doomed! lol He is usually happy and loved to explore and get into everything!This is his new smile.. it has to be a McGee thing because i have pictures of Logan from when he was really little and he was doing that same smile, and there are pictures of his cousins doing it too!
If you look in the background of the last picture you can see my lastest finished project. I bought the fabric at Ikea back in March and FINALLY made them!! they are fun and funky tree curtians!! :) yay! i love them.
well thats all for now.. i will have more up soon!


Jamie said...

Looks like you guys have been keeping busy. Kason is so dang cute!

The Riggle's said...

Dang girl. YOu gotta blog more often. I have lots of stuff to comment about but forgot them all. Too bad. :) Looks like you've been busy busy!!

I love that picture of Kason trying to eat the camera. Ha!HA!