Monday, January 26, 2009

Warning picture overload...

So this weekend we went out to Logan's mom's place and went quadding. it was TONS of fun and it was nice to go out there since it has been FOREVER since we have.
Friday night we met Logan out at Steamboat Island and grabbed subway and then we switched cars and he took Kason to Shelton to see Grandma Fitzgerald.. She has been in the nursing home but gets to go home soon yay! :) Its been a long road since November when she went into the hospital.
I went to go see a movie with a bunch of people from church along with my mom and her friend. It was a lot of fun. We saw Bride wars.. super funny you have to go see it.. defiantly a chick flick though Lol.
Anywho Saturday morning we all got up and went outside to explore while Logan put a new chain on his quad.Kason with Papa Larry and the horses. The black one is Geesha and the Brown one is TJ. He thought they were cool but didnt want to touch them lol.. they wanted to touch him though!The dogs loved Kason. This is Fergie. She loved to Come up to Kason and lick him and then laydown for a belly rubKason would ignore her and walk away lolKason loved Daddy's quad and wanted to ride it all day long! :) and press all the buttonsKason watched daddy tinker with the quad and the moment logan put down the screwdriver and walked into the house Kason picked it up and started doing what daddy was doing..wrong end there buddy :)
Then he noticed there was dirt on his hands.... he sat there picking it off for a little while it was cute :)This is Harley. He is the biggest goofy dog ever! we love him :)
Look you cant see me! lol It got SO cold on our ride that Gary let me use his face sheild thingy under my helmet. lol its sexy i know :)Logan and his quad. So proud!We're not cold.. no not at all.. IT WAS FREEZING!Logan and Gary ( a family friend) He is more like an uncle really :)
we rode to a train trussell and walked out on it.. it was SO PRETTY! thats the Satsop river down thereWhy hello there beautiful! lol just kidding
Mister Jehron came along too!This doesnt do justice of how high we were.. we were HIGH!Rodney (Logan's brother)'s quad. Its a Raptor 660Gary's Quad. Its a honda something lol i forgot
This was Kason before our ride.. all geared up! We didnt get anypictures but we use our moby type baby wrap to secure him to me and then helmet him up and away we go.. well we got ready before anyone else and ended up riding around the driveway and the house and Kason got cranky too fast and ended up going inside and taking a nap while a few of us took off for a ride. Good thing too because it got WAY to cold for us meaning it would have been torture for Kason.

Overall it was a great weekend and with Logan's new schedule we will be out there more often going riding!! Yay! And hopefully as the weather will get warmer soon so Kason can go out with us!

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