Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Portland Temple

While we were in Portland we went to the Temple there, twice. Once at night, Saturday, and the wind was whipping so bad and it gave such a chill to the bone that we made it 15 feet from the car, looked at each other, and turned around. It was getting dark anyways so we made the choice to come back on Monday, knowing it was closed, but hoping to get a few pictures from outside the fence.. it was BEAUTIFUL on Monday, no clouds sunny skies! It was like that most of the weekend, we really lucked out. So we stood outside the fence and took a few pictures.It was hard to get a good angle on it... its so tall and we were really close.. The reflection pond/water feature they have.. 3.5 years ago Logan and I stood there newly married!The sun was perfectly aligned so that one side was all sunny and then the other half in the shadowsLogan waiting for me in the car with Kason...The sign as you drive up to the templeI love this picture.. the lighting was perfect! its the tops of the fence that goes around the temple.
It was really nice to see the temple again and walk a little bit around it.. It was really nice to have Kason there i know he doesnt get it, but thats were our family started.
have a great wednesday

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