Monday, November 03, 2008

young @ heart

So I picked up movies at blockbuster today and i saw a movie "young@heart" and thought it looked funny.. i thought it was a movie about elderly people in a choir doing modern songs... well i wasn't far off, but instead of a movie its a documentary and it was really good. if you watch this, have a few tissue's at hand. Its super super good and i really want to show this following clip.

once you watch the movie you will understand why i am showing this clip. I cried. I cried alot during this part because it was so meaningful.
I am not a documentary fan, but i watched this one and was inspired. really watch it.
They are a real choir that started back in the 80's with classic music and one day during a performance one of them got up and sang a loud punkish song and everyone loved it so since then they sing punk, rock, classic, FUN songs and its awesome. They have sang songs from The Clash, The beatles, Cold Play, James Brown, Sting, etc. etc. etc.
and i am putting this clip up because its just awesome and made me laugh.

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