Tuesday, May 16, 2006

home sick

Isnt it funny that i was not homesick during the holidays, or on my birthday? i was not homesick when we first moved, or when i spent my first month away from my family. But now over 6 months later, im home sick. I miss my family, friends, fimilar surroundings. I miss highschool buddies, best friends, and the water. I miss the calm heat in the summer and the raining winters. I miss the short drive to beaches, zoos, and happy memories. I miss being able to drive less than an hour and i was able to visit all 12 neices and nephews. I miss my beautiful red room and my parents comfy leather couches! lol.. i miss not having to pay bills, rent or anything else that sucks your money down hole! I guess where im getting is that i just miss everything that made me happy in washington. Now im finding new things that make me happy in Utah. Like camping, training table, dollar theater, my own apartment with logan, my job, the close park, our ward, and beautiful but HOT HOT weather. Im not sure why all of a sudden i have been overwhelmed with homesickness, but its sure nice to have logan with me! I miss you guys all so much!!


Amy said...

we miss you too. hope you get to come home soon.

mom said...

I thought you sounded funny on the phone. Now I understand why. Make sure you go and spend some time with grandma and grandpa, it will help. I really miss you too. It's been really hot here the last few days too. Take care , love mom