Tuesday, May 09, 2006

we are ALIVE

WOW it has been SO long since i posted! SO sorry about that... lets see what has been going on... Brad moved in. Its been pretty fun... he is moving back to Washington on the 20th so only a few more days to have some fun! lol... This last weekend was our first Annviersary and it was a blast! Logan surprised me and took me up to Heber and stayed in a hotel with a JETTED TUB in the the room! way cool! i think i took 5 or 6 baths, each an hour long.. no joke lol i lived in that thing! Then we went swimming in a Natural Spring wich is located in a crater and its 93 degrees! i have pics and will get them up. I called my Grandma to ask her about the resteraunt she and my sister Amy said that had YUMMY shakes and we went and.. well THANK YOU GRANDMA! wow the shakes are amazing! lol...YUM... well today was my last day with the Majors (the family i Nanny for) She wanted to be a stay at home mom and so I found a new family and i am really excited.. a 9month old little girl.. and she is way cute! i will still get to see Emily, babysitting her next week, but just hanging out with them too... well its late, im tired, and i have tomorrow off so im going to clean n stuff... have a great night and ill update tomorrow with pictures!!


AmyG said...

welcome back to blogging land. :)

what's brad going back to WA for? when does logan start school?

Tammy said...

Hey Laura,

I love the pic and I was also wondering after not seeing your entries lately. Glad to hear everything is going well and you already have a new nanny job.


Rae Elizabeth said...

You're ALIVE!!!