Thursday, May 18, 2006


I recieved a bunch of fruit from Tammy, the lady i nanny for. She's going on the south beach diet and cant have any fruit so she gave it to us, and we went and bought ice and banana's and made SMOOTHIES! oh i love these smoothies they taste just like Jamba Juice! this is all i do (i odnt know exact mesurements i guess everytime! lol)
2Tbs of Sugar
1 Banana (sometimes two if i want more banana)
Strawberries (usually i put about 5-8, the frozen ones work well too)
Squeez one orange above the blender as it is going (make sure its only the juice coming out and not too much of the pulp) (you can use orange juice too)
I blend mine together and then once its mixed up i leave the blender on, clean up then i turn it off, this way its very smooth and no ice particals! hope you like it! add more fruit like blue berries, raseberries, or whatever! this is just the kind we make because its all we had


mom said...

That sounds good. I just got back from Costco and I had a berry smoothie. ( my favorite reason to go to Costco) It's healthy too. Love mom

Amy said...

sounds yummy. :)

you know you can have fruit on south beach....after your 2 weeks.