Tuesday, May 30, 2006

long time no post.. oops!

hey all! sorry its been so long! busy week. This weekend was memorial day weekend of course, and this is the first time in 14 or 15 years since i have not gone out to the ocean with family! SO SAD! but Logan and I kept busy to keep my mind off of it! lol.. Friday night we went and saw X-MEN 3!! waited in line for two hours (first ones in line lol) and it was AWESOME!! cant wait to buy it when it comes out on DVD!! Then on Saturday Logan had To work and i stayed home and cleaned up, watched TV and did some scrapbooking! yay! That night we went out to Olive Garden (YUM) and then hit the dollar theater and saw BENCHWARMERS oh so funny!! lol we LOVED IT!! on Monday we went to Raging Waters here in SLC and it was so much fun! tired me out! lol tons of slides! and of course the LAZY RIVER! lol we were in that at least 2 hours all together and lets just say i burned the back of my legs! lol thats never happened before! lol dont suggest it! Over all it was an awesome day! had tons of fun! came home, showered and crashed on the couch! the sun just wipes me out!! lol anywho well hope you all had a wonderful weekend! here are some layouts i did today.


mom said...

We really missed you to Laura. It sounds like you had a good weekend anyway. Maybe next year. You can check out Amy's blog for pictures from the weekend. When i got home Nikki was mad at me and she egnored me all night. She didn't come and sit on my lap until 10:00 at night but then she slept with me in her usual spot. Love you lots, Mom

FERNANDA said...

Laura !
I remember this day too !!! i´m very grateful for everything that you and your family did for me !!! I had a great times in your house ! and I admire the love of OUR family ! I just love YOU ALL !!! I would like to visit you in Salt Lake city ... and also mommy Judy in WA !!! I feel homesicknesses ='( hahaha when I lived in USA I was always with homesick remember?? hahaha but now I wanted that the time came back ...
i really miss you and your family !!