Wednesday, August 03, 2005


This is Lower Lewis Falls... and it fantastic... this is probably the best picture to show you and explain how it is... there is a brim around the pool that is about a foot to two feet deep and then it drops off into deep deep water... the water falls are so awesome.. you can swim under one of them and then up into like a cavern and then dive through the water fall on the far right hand side... so awesome!! i am in love! :) ..
This is my new CTR ring i got on our girls day out saturday... i love it.. ive always wanted a thumb ring and i finally got one that i absoultly love!! fits perfect, never too loose or too tight.. and it looks so SWEET!


AmyG said...

PRETTY picture, Laura. Did you take it?

Denise said...

Awesome pic Laura! I would love to go there just to take pictures!

Love the new CTR ring too! I need to get a new one of these days!