Thursday, August 18, 2005

Time Flys!!

Posted by Picasa I was just looking around my photos and found this... Maegan in March 2004... holy cow! can you all believe this! over a year ago... it seems like yesterday this was taken. Time has really flown by and its so unreal... i mean Connor is going into 2nd grade, Halie is 1st along with Matthew. Grace is turning 4 and Maegan is 3 going on 20... Andrew is already past 1... i feel old! lol okay okay im 19 but still! wow!! and honestly it seems like this afternoon was my wedding day and its been over 3 months! Amy and Eric have been married for 9 and Adam and Carrie are going on what 5? HOLY COW!!! time really flys and really makes you stop and think.. what am i doing? will i look back in 2 years and wonder why i didnt take the time to play with the kids for 5 minutes or why didnt i loosen up a little.. HAVE FUN EVERYONE!! the world has become so fast these days that you hardly get to see anyone anymore let alone talk to someone for more then 5 minutes with out having to be rushed off for something... is there an island with a tiki hut for rent?? im up!! lol... i just wish i could relax... Utah here i come... just 6 days til im on a plane to go! im excited... while jamie and amy are at work ill relax, walk around... and guess what CUT MY HAIR! yay!! im excited! lol... anywho well its late, logans cranky, and my pillow is singing a sweet song for me.. talk to you later!!


Rhonda said...

Yep...they grow up so fast! I can't believe my niece will be 21 next week! I am not suppose to be 34 right now. Where did my 21 go? LOL

Denise said...

They grow so fast don't they?
How exciting that you are almost on your way to Utah! Email me when you get here...we should get together!

fernanda said...

one year since i left brazil to go to america ... =(
i miss you and your family , i can´t wait to go to america again hmmm so how the live going in WA ?
BIG KISS for you all all your family !! i love you all !

AmyG said...

I can't believe that picture....seems like so long ago. :( too fast.