Monday, August 15, 2005

Just a little here and a little there

a LO i did of myself a while ago... just thought id share.. i liked how it turned out :) on another note.. updates of this week... which has been busy!! Wednseday was so much fun. Rae and i went out ot dinner to OLIVE GARDEN (gotta love that place!) and then we hit up the WORLD MARKET and peaked around. Thursday i cant recall anything out rageously awesome happening though... believe it was just a normal day. Friday Logan and i went out to dinner with Rae, Corey, Travis, Dan, Grant and Elizabeth to Brewery City Pizza. It was alot of fun!! then logan and i had some coldstone later that night, yummy!!! Then Mr. Brad Williams graced us with his presence! lol.. Brad came over and we all stayed up until 2am.. which is funny cause the boys crashed before i did! when logan was saying i wouldnt make it past midnight! lol great times! Saturday started off fun! we all went out to lunch to wendys (Rae, Corey, Jamie, Brad, Logan and I. that was super fun to see Jamie again and only 9 more days until i go down to UTAH for a WEEK!! im so excited!!! Then after WEndy's Rae, Corey and I went up to IKEA!! OH MAN!! IKEA!! love love love love love IKEA!! the ride up was a blast! listening to way old music from when we were younger and just goofing off and singing way way off key!! love it! Then late that night Logan and i went and saw WAR OF THE WORLDS... its an okay movie... they hsould have ended it al ittle before they actually did.. if you have seen it you know what im talking about, and of those who will see it... you will easily figure it out. anywho well... sunday was great. My grandparents came down and we had a nice lunch/dinner and Amy and ERic had gotten home on saturday so it was good to see all of them again! they had a great time on their vacation. Anywho well.. i better be going though.. at work... but i really wanted to write in here since it has been a while and i was feeling bad! lol anywho catch you soon! Posted by Picasa


Denise said...

Love the layout Laura - the circles are just awesome! So, where are you visiting in Utah? I'm in Layton!

AmyG said...

sounds like a fun and busy week.