Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A Fishy Prize

{note: the fish are not being flushed.. they are going into their fish bowl which is placed on top of my tolite) I won them at the fair :)!! wow im so cool hee hee..i have been wanting to play this game for so long! the one where you try to toss a ping pong ball into a fish bowl and if you make it you get a gold fish (which most of them are silver lol) so lastnight was $ night at the thurston county fair, so rae, corey, logan, and myself went and rode the rides for a buck each and played a few games... Corey kept wining the fish.. and i played got nuttin, played again and logan, corey, and I all got a fish :) i was so happy!! i named the big one (which is like alsmost 2 inches or more long!! THURTSTON, the tiny one: GYNORMUS, and the other one Ladel (like the spoon, i just love the way the word sounds lol)... well anywho it was so much fun lastnight im glad we were able to get out and have some fun... on a sadder note... i just want to express my feelings towards Chris N.'s Family... Im sorry for your loss and logan and i are always here for you. Each of you are in our prayers. We both love you all so much..  Posted by Picasa


april said...

why are you in the bathroom? surely you arent flushing them!? :P a

Rae Elizabeth said...

That was so much fun!!!