Friday, February 24, 2006

Flat Stanley

Okay so Connor sent me this little guy he colored named FLAT STANLEY. In his Second grade class they read a book about this boy named Stanley and one night in bed he had a dream that his bullentin board fell on him and made him Flat. So he did all these wonderful things and even mailed himself to a friend in California. So his class all made a Flat Stanley of their own and sent it off to a friend or a family to take pictures of him and then send him and the pictures back so they can display it in the classroom. This is my first picture for Connor. I thought these magnets from Target's Dollar Spot would be fun for a picture. Anywho still cleaning and organizing, really wanting to get pictures up tonight, might be tomorrow!


mom said...

That's funny. You should take a picture of it with the temple in the back ground so they can see he really did travel. Love mom

Amy said...

cute! :) Matthew was so excited to see his valentine's on your frige.