Thursday, August 09, 2007

how i wish...

that i would get away falling sleep anywhere id like too.
this is little miss Addie last week. Mid bottle curled up on the floor, out like a light. now this is not unusual for this girl. she has fallen asleep countless places: highchairs, boppy (laying upside down) in the corner of the room, against the baby gate, pretty much anywhere and i love it cause she is so stinkin cute :)

not too much going on. Had another dr. appointment today which gave me some relief. Lastnight i realized i hadn't felt Kason move all day. so i tried to get him to move and he wouldn't. Finally at 1am he moved after i poked my belly with a flashlight for 30 minutes. after a few movements i fell asleep and then this morning he wasnt moving much at all. so at my appointment they monitored me and his heart beat, and guess what.. as soon as we got there he decided to move around like a crazy man! this kid is already driving me nuts! lol too stubborn. wants to move when he feels like it and now when i need him too lol.i guess my payback is already in gear.

Yesterday i made the CUTEST onsie for Addie. Well its one of her onsies that i stitched on. it says in pink lettering, SHE'S MY NANNY and some flowers with button centers! i love it!! and hopefully people wont be stupid and ask if all three kids are mine anymore. lol i doubt it.

well have a great day! im excited to head up to Puyullap again this week to babysit for Amy and play with the kiddos and cuddle with miss Hannah aka nanners :) :) adios!!

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The Riggle's said...

That girl is so stinking cute, but I am a little biased. All that walking is wearing her out. She took 6-7 steps for Derek tonight. What's going on? She's not allowed to grow up so fast already.

I know about the baby making you crazy when they don't move. With Ethan we had an ultrasound machine available to us so one time Derek ran us to the clinic to check him out. He was fine. But you just never know. Every once in a while you hear a horror story to keep you on your toes. I think everything is going to be fine and Kason is going to be a beautiful baby boy (even if he does look like an alien, as all newborns do...good thing they grow out of that!!)