Monday, August 13, 2007

bitter sweet.

this weekend we said good bye to Oreo. I know he was only a hamster, but i am a HUGE animal lover and it was super hard to say goodbye, even though i knew it was going to happen soon. a few weeks ago Oreo had something wrong with his eye, it was scabbed over like it got infected. i found out on the internet how to treat it, and it was healing. well this last week we have been staying at logan's dad's house, house sitting. on wednesday i went over and did somethings at our place and fed the animals and checked on Oreo, well thats when i discovered he had wet tail. Wet Tail is terminal for hamsters. once they get it, its only a matter of time until they die. Oreo died shortly after and im pretty sure it was in his sleep. we found him in his favorite spot in the corner all curled up in a ball. i will miss him, but like the title says its bitter sweet. Its sad that he died, but now he is no longer in pain. i like to think he's in hamster heaven :)


Shawna said...

Awww Laura - I'm so sorry!!! It is so hard to say good bye to pets that you love! Big hugs!

AmyG said...

sorry Laura.

Carrie said...

You had told me he had wet tail but I didn't know he died! So sad! I remember when my 'Little Girl' (hamster) died of the same thing when I was pregnant. I cried! My critter condolences!