Monday, August 27, 2007

Hello there

wow it has been a while. sorry about that. not a whole lot going on here. tomorrow i will be...

crazy!! i can't believe that i am this far along already!!! Women usually go into labor anywhere from 37week and so on...! crazy! I am really going to be a parent? insane right? lol no comments! anywho.. well Logan offically started his new job today! YAY! he now works in Tacoma which is 30 minutes closer and he now works from 7am-3pm instead of 3pm-until whenever they let him go, usually 2am! crazy!! so im happy we will be seeing eachother again!! exciting! Im happy too because i wasnt too kean on working all day long and coming home wtih baby Kason and doing it all alone and not having logan spend that time with Kason as well. He would only have weekends with him, and i didnt want that. Thats what my dad worked as i grew up for the most part and i didnt like it. missed him. so this new job sounds a whole lot better.

Also cannot forget Saturday was Alec's Birthday!!! i cant believe he turned 9!! insane!!!

hope it was a great birthday buddy!! we love you!!! and today is Gracie's birthday!!
hope you are having a great birthday!! i can't believe you are 6 already and going into first grade!! we love you!!!


Amy said...

Congrats on the new job! What's he going to be doing.

You'll have to keep us posted, you guys will be great parents.

AmyG said...

i guess i really better update - since you did. lol

happy birthday to everyone. I'm happy Logan got a new job too - was worried about you guys home alone ;)