Sunday, June 25, 2006

whats up

not a whole lot here... excited to go back home to Washington for a week! yay! thanks mom and dad!! anywho... just chillin here at home.. not much else to do. yesterday logan and i went garage saling.. not much there though well we did end up going about noon though.. logan donated plasma and after all that it was later than we thought so we drove around just incase... got a brand new once used bread maker for 8 bucks! the lady is moving to europe and cant take it with her.. lucky us! lol anywho well thats all we found.. then we went drivin around, and went and saw "just my luck" at the dollar theater, cute movie. anywho well better be going. see ya! (i did this layout the other day, i got a new action for my photos makes them look super cool lol)

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mom said...

Hi Laura, that is a very cool lay out. I am so excited that you are coming home again. and you're welcome. That was a great deal for the bread maker. Love mom