Sunday, July 17, 2005

A day of fun

Saturday was a great day, mostly just a {logan and Laura} day. we got to sleep in later then lately, went to logans company picnic, which we won an awesome colman chair for camping! so comfy! they played softball, and after wards, logan pitched to me and i hit and it was so much fun just spending time with logan like that. Then we went to costco and then home. he took a litte nap while i surfed the web, then we headed to old navy where we got some killer deals!! then off to Tug Boat Annies for some great grub! yum... calimari rings and chicken strips. it was so good... logans first time going there he liked it alot.. then we went to lake fair.. by now its like 10:30 but it was a blast, we heard some good country music, played games, and rose a few rides... it was a great day... our date night, as logan called it.. turned out wonderful!! im so glad that we had saturday together.. logans been working super late all week, friday he worked from 7am to 11:50pm... it was hard not seeing him for almost the whole week, but i know this is going to make us stronger someday, well im outie talk to you all later :)

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