Friday, July 08, 2005


Posted by Picasa When i was going through my pictures i had taken when Colby was born (our nephew) i saw this one, and melted... for me it shows so much compassion, love, happiness, joy, words unspeakable... Whenever i see logan holding his new nephew or playing with the older ones, his side and my side, he never holds back his love for them... if they want a piggy back ride or play catch and he is so tired, he'll do it, even for a little minute or two, but he does it though... he is such a great compassionate guy that when we have our children i know they will be loved unconditionaly by their loving and supportive father and myself... i guess i just want to thank Logan for always being himself and not holding back feelings and happiness... Thanks Babe!!


Amy said...

that is an adorable picture!!!!!

fernanda said...

Laura !
i miss you and your family ! I cryed when i read your card ! the things here doing ok !! in 3 weeks i move to different state !!! by myself , because i getting in different university !!! i really happy about that ! my family is kind of sad , i don´t have much time in home, but thats fine , i have to think in my future !! next wednesday i going see my college registration and see apartaments ! omg brazil is colder then WA !! it´s freaking cold here ! i miss english , sometimes i speak english with my friend Paula , she went Canada last year, uhauah but her accent is kind of funny !!
you need keep in touch ok ??
i love you and your family !
and please tell you mom , that i think of her EVERYDAY and EVERYNIGHT!! i miss her the most !! you have very nice family !!!