Friday, July 29, 2005


I love the way this had turned out, funky, artsy, harsh, i just love the shadowing on the face...

but anywho.. what i wanted to write about... is the word kiss and its meaning which is: {To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection...}I think today in this world that kisses are thrown around like they nothingless, meaningless, and that they have no true value. Im not saying that everyone in the world today is so bad or anything at all, nothing nothing nothing like that! im just saying that there are people out there who dont understand or dont care about the true meaning of kissing. I was taught along time ago that kisses are like something VERY valuable.. and the more you use your kisses, the less valuable it gets.. now i dont know if i neccesarly agree with that or not.. but it kinda has a point.. i mean if one person kisses 40 guys, then kisses her future husband, will it have that much of a meaning? i dont know... i really dont and some times i wonder... im not trying to hurt feelings or trying to be like all preachy, im just spilling out my feelings, because this website is like my journal... so if anyone is getting affended im sorry, but i have opionions too though right?? but i am sorry if i hurt anyone..anywho.. back to what i was saying.. Before Logan i had kissed three different people, and when i kissed logan it was a whole different feeling of emotions, and fate, and happiness. I mean... i knew from that one little kiss that logan and i were going to be together. yeah you may think it sounds stupid or right out of a movie, but it was true.. and im happy that i had that feeling and i have that feeling every single time we kiss... i guess thats why i love the word KISS so much, the feeling you get from the one you love is not just passion, but its comfort, care, love, happiness, just all around yay! hee hee.. well i have to go to work now so you all have a great day :)

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