Friday, July 01, 2005

Me by the Numbers

Another blog lift that has been going around and around...

Ten things I do everyday:
1. kiss logan good-bye as he goes to work
2. sluggishly walk to the bathroom to shower
3. drive my car
4. Read with Addison
5. Paint with Addison
6. Make lunch
7. Check blogs
9. pray
thats only a little part of my daily life lol

Nine favorite shows of all time (I think)not in any order:
1. CSI
2. Saved by the bell :)
3. Friends
4. Quintuplits
5. Road Rules
6. I Love Lucy
7. Lost
8. Whos Line is it anyways
9. King of Queens

Eight junk food favorites:
1. Reese peanutbutter cups
2. Chips and nacho cheese dip from tostedos
3. Hershys milk chocolate
4. Chocolate CHip Cookie Dough
5. Cookies n Cream candy bar
6. Chicago Style Pizza from Papa Murphys
7. Corndogs
8. Fritos with Squeeze Cheese :)

Seven things that bug me:
1. When you want to sleep so badly and you cant just fall asleep!
2. Stupid and slow drivers
3. Liars.
4. Waiting.
5. Periods (of the non-punctuation variety).
6. Surprise attack weather (when they say sun and its rain!! lol)
7. Smelly indoor cats

Six songs I love this minute( no particular order):
1. “Eleanor"-Low Millions
2. “Collide"-Howie Day
3. "Holla Back GIrl"-Gwen Stafanie
4. “All my life" Kacey and Jo Jo
5. “Somebody's Hero"-I think by Jamie Gracen or something like that
6. “Amazed"-Lone Star (my Weddin Song :))

Five things I want:
1. To finally start running (getting my shoes tonight!!)
2. For people to mind their own business and stay out of others
3. To go camping alone with logan, not in the backyard :)
4. Go back to San Diego
*Again, not necessarily in that order, lol.

Four facts about me:
1. I'm the youngest of four kids
2. I was born in a hallway
3. I was a huge backstreet boy geek back in the day lol
4. I'm a huge bed hog! sorry logan! lol

Three wishes:
1. I wish for all my children to be healthy and strong
2. For logan and I to have our own place
3. Just to live a happy long life with my family

Two people I wish I could see again:
1. My grandpa's, Cline and Summeral-- i miss them alot, i was thirteen when they passed away nad i really wish that my memories of them would all come back clearly
2.Christ and Heavenly Father!--- the day will come and i cant wait to stand next to them again

One thing I’m looking forward to:
1. Living my Life


AmyG said...

Really enjoyed reading your answers laura!

Rae Elizabeth said...

Yeah I stole it! Had fun last night!