Sunday, July 10, 2005


Posted by Picasa {picture is my neice Kelby and the kittens-phoebe is the closest and Kate the farthest}
This weekend we had a pig roast at Logan's mom and step-dad's and it was a blast and i got to see my kitten-Kate. Logan hates cats and im allergic to them... so Valeen (logans mom) told me if her cat Spook had babies i could have one of the kittens and keep them at her house... (they have a farm) so Spook had a baby, not 6 or 4 or 2, but just one little kitten.. we went out and saw her when she barely had her eyes open.. she was smaller then the palm of my hand! i fell instantly inlove :)... anywho then its been a month since i seen her and from the moment we got there at 10pm on fridaynight i didnt let her go until we went to bed at midnight.. i carried her around in my sweatshirt pocket the whole night and next day... she loved it.. and then Bre (logans sister) arrived to the pigroast with a kitten also.. they found it under Nick (her husband)'s car... alone and tiny tiny tiny!! really melnourshed... so i took her in as my own and Kates sister lol even though the little girl didnt like Kate hee hee... we eventually found a name for her Phoebe (after the show friends) she's an odd lookin but cute kitten eyes larger then normal and HUGE ears lol, i carried them around in my pockets and enjoyed having a kittens for the afternoon :)... Phoebe now had a wonderful home with Jill and Ted (logans cousins) and their little daughter Alissa (who adores her!) but over all GREAT weekend!!

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Mom said...

Laura this is such a cute picture. It was fun to hold the kittens, but I really don't think we will have cats again for a long time. We had a great time at the picnic, Love mom