Friday, July 11, 2008

my little artist...

A while ago i bought Crayola kids washable paint to let Kason finger paint with. Lastnight i finally broke out the paint and paper and let him go to town. At first he was sure about it. His looks was like "Mom? this isn't food" i thought he would try to eat it, but he did really well! he started smearing it all around and loved to scrap his fingernails accross the paper-making lines. he even picked it up and tried to die his hair! lol it was pretty funny.Hmm... should i eat ????
ooo its gooeey!
its all over my hands!
This is Kason's try at hair dying!

Here he is on page number two!

Also i think that Kason is going to be a lefty. For a while not i have thought that, but with this painting his left hand totally took over. He got his right hand only dirty at the very begining, but painted with his left hand the right of the time. He also grabbs everything with his left WAY more than his right. who knows?

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