Tuesday, December 12, 2006

{hello mr. random}

I absoutly love this picture!! i took it back sometime in 2004. i played with it a few times, but never scrapped it, but tonight i was totally inspired to scrap it. My sister gave me a Gift Certificate to 2peas for babysitting.. THANK YOU AMY! i totally used it all tonight.. but ALOT! love that alpha.. (French Laundry) and the papers and the tape measurer... totally into those right now.. love it (made by tia) anywho well not too much is going on here.

Logan and I are just going day by day living life.

Tonight i had my last session for my depression and lets just say i felt great. at first i was super nervous about seeing a therapyst but its totally a 180 from what i thought it would be like.. i totally felt like i would be judged.. he helped me not judged me. he became a friend. someone that listened and helped me. i have grown up so much lately and im so grateful for that. Logan and i have grown so much closer to eachother. i feel that the world is right again.. im back on my feet instead of floating around in space.

Working is fantastic. my classroom is beautifully clean and the kids are wonderful. i will miss C St. so much! it will be super hard to leave and say goodbye. They dont have a teacher to replace me yet... kinda nervous because the kids are anxious to know who will be watching them... dont blame them. :) im anxious too!

grown alot closer to friends here and it will be rough saying goodbye.. but its good to know i will visit again. its nice having friends :).

Love this time of year.. everything is warm and cozy. fresh snow on the ground, kids in boots, coats, hats, scarfs, and gloves. Snow ball fights, melting snowmen, warm cocoa each morning... mmmm... this is a good time of year. Going sledding Friday... cant wait.. will be so much fun!

We're hoping to hit the slopes on Christmas day... do a mid-day. go up about noon and then get home at night... eat yummy ham! *need to buy ham* :)

Tonight went shopping to make chocolate dipped pretzels... cant wait to eat those... and pass them out to people :)

well after all this randomness i think i will head off to dreamland. super tired tonight. see you all around! love you.

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Anonymous said...

Yes snow this time of year is fun. Wish i was sledding friday. Have fun. Eat a piece of ham for me.