Monday, September 20, 2010

Science Center

in august kason and i rode the ferry over to Seattle again and joined my sister this time to go to the science center! it was a lot of fun and it was fun watching kason exploring and learning so much. he loved the butterfly exhibit as well as the toddler area with a giant red car for him to drive. we had a great time with my sister and her kids and was alot of fun to be together again. kason and i went back a couple weeks ago by ourselves to the science center. i let him lead me around and do whatever he wanted to do. he was excited to stay in one place or go to as many places as he wanted. we stayed in the butterfly house for quite sometime. he loved the fish pond they have in there too. we saw some beautiful ones. i love butterflies! we also spend over an hour in the toddler area playing in the water, on the toy car, in the helicopter, slides and more! i ended up just walking us back to the ferry... it was a small workout but it was fun to walk in seattle (a nice area and yes we were safe) and then through pikes place market.. I LOVE PIKES! :) we made in just in time for the ferry. Kason had fallen alseep on the way to the ferry and ended up sleeping the whole ride on the ferry, and of course i took that precious rare naptime and sleept too! haha it was great!! here are tons of pictures from both trips.

he loves popcorn and was a great snack to keep him busy on the ride over
MMMmmmMMm i love this stuff too!
Miss Hannah in the spaceship in the toddler area
Kason and myself on the ferry the second time we went over to the science center
i dont think he wanted kisses OH WELL!
reminds me of a tiger
these blue ones are my favorite and they followed us everywhere
and kason followed them
no joke... this is the correct color of that butterfly! i didnt brighten it at all. it looked like it was glowing! crazy!!
this is the car he spent forever driving.
he also loves the giant funnel with the small black balls and you watch them go down and down and around and around. we played there for a good 45minutes!
we will be going back again soon!!

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