Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Madison's Birth

Blogger is being really annoying and not allowing me to fix the pictures and place them in the right order.. so bare with me here. Birth story is after all the pictures :)
Grandma Val holding Maddie for the first time

My first time holding my baby girl

kissing Maddie

Snuggling her

Grandma Cline holding Maddie for the first time

Madison with her birth weight behind her

Madison's first bath, she loved it and just sprawled out and chilled.

Madison's very first picture!

Papa Larry holding Maddie for the first time

Kason came to visit me! Snuggled right up. I missed him :)

Seeing his sister, he was a bit overwhelmed with everyone there, but here at home he LOVES her sooooo much!

Our first family picture of us 4!!

Grandpa Cline holding Maddie for the first time

Daddy and Maddie

He is smitten!

Auntie Amy holding Maddie for the first time

First picture of us 3


First off, it has been one day shy of 4 weeks since Madison was born. We have been having internet issues and finally got them all figured out and i can FINALLY blog and post pictures of our precious little girl.

Madison's birth was planned for the 28th of July. I had a c-section with Kason due to his large size and so i will be having c-sections with all our children. We picked the 28th (just a few days before her actual due date) for her to be born.

My pregnancy had been easy for the most part and so when i started to have contractions and major stomach pains on the 22nd of July i was a bit freaked out. They continued for an hour, and they were so painful i could hardly talk or move. I called up Danelle (my sister in law) and she drove me up to Harrison. When we got there (after getting logan from work) the pain had pretty much stopped. They checked me out and everything and i was not having contractions and they were not sure what the pain was from. I was fine the rest of the day and all day saturday. Sunday they started back up again and we left church early. They stopped after an hour and then on Monday they started back up again but then stopped after 3 hours.

Tuesday i had my last appointment and everything checked out fine. I was still set for that Thursday, the 28th.

Wednesday i cleaned the entire house and bags all packed. We took Kason up to my sisters house to stay until we got home from the hospital. He was so excited to be going there he didn't care when we left, we had to beg for hugs goodbye!! We then set off towards Poulsbo to stay at my Grandma and Grandpa McGuires house. We stopped in Tacoma for my last meal. We ate at Red lobster and man it was YUMMY! :)

The next morning we woke up and headed off to Silverdale to have Maddie! We got there at 10 and was scheduled to start the c-section at noon. Check in was great, i was assigned the most amazing nurse Adale. LOVED HER! I wish i would have had her the entire time we were there!! The anesthesiologist came in and I told him all my concerns about getting sick again. (with Kason the meds they gave me got me so sick i didnt even hold him until 2am, he was born at 5:21pm)

The Dr. was amazing and explained all the options and how that the medicen was prolly not the cause of my sickness lastnight but my heartrate and blood pressure dropping.

They rolled me out just after noon and Logan was able to walk into the OR with me and be there the whole time, even when setting up etc.

Madison was born at 12:44om on July 28th 2011. She was loud as soon as she came out, thats our kid! She weighed in at 7lbs 15oz and 21inches long. Immediatly i was told she had red hair!! i was so excited and shocked! i wanted a red head but doubted i would ever get one :)

I was sewed up and rolled back into our temp. room. Maddie was given her first bath, which she LOVED, and then we were transported to our premenate room. Vistors came, lots of them. Kason got to meet his baby sister and they exchanged gifts, it was cute.

We stayed until Saturday and left that afternoon.

We had her at Harrison in Silverdale and i have to tell you it was the best experience at a hospital ever. The staff is amazing, the rooms are nice, and the food is great. I loved almost every moment there. Yeah it was a drive from Shelton, but totally worth it.

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