Tuesday, August 29, 2006

exciting news...

we bought Logan's plane ticket home today for thanksgiving!! we are way excited.. my sister bought mine back in June and Logan and I didnt have the money back then to buy his... so we waited and waited and forgot lol and then i remembered the other day and rememebered! and lucky us there is the 79 dollar each way goin on at southwest... so we got his tickets for 178 after tax and everything!! he does have to fly home two days early, but its cheaper and we still get to be together.

another note we saw cars the other night at the dollar theater SO CUTE!! i cant wait to get it.. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! it was awesome!! anywho well im going to get going gotta clean and sleep :) see ya

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mom said...

I am so excited that the two of you are going to be home for Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see you. We'll miss you camping this weekend. Love mom