Wednesday, August 02, 2006


i never thought i would be so happy to walk to work in the rain! yesterday morning logan and i woke up and i was freezing!! it was so nice to be cold for a change! it was starting to rain and then by the time i got to work, it started to pour, buckets!! it was crazy! knocked out power a few blocks away... lightening and everything... but it stayed cooled through out the whole day... i dont think it ever got up to 85.. OH YAY!! this morning it was so cold that logan and to get blanket around 6am. thats so weird because usually during the winter he could sleep with a light blanket at night and be fine... i hope this is a sign that things are cooling down... today i am wear pants! yes pants! crazy!! yay!! lol well have to get going!!

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Rhonna said...

Hi Laura!
I know...wasn't that storm just freaky yesterday?
Happy the heat is gone...feels good!

can't wait to see you on this {21} Challenge journey!