Thursday, October 19, 2006

picture post :)

Only one picture sorry... lol... there will be more.. this is Logan and I on our way to the Hoover Dam.. thats lake Mead behind us... HUGE and BEAUTIFUL! i really wanted to swim! lol you all know me... im a fish! :) anywho well not a whole lot going on... got off work on time today (5pm) which was nice i walked home, beautiful outside.. crispy leaves, blue skys, cool air... yum! when i got home i lite my beautiful smelly candle (birthday cake) and put in our glade freshener... its so yummy! its called festive vanilla but smells just like birthday cake as well... we have our home teachers coming over, hopefully it will be so good smelling in here lol :) i can smell it right now and im so excited :) anywho... hope you all are having a great day... oh yea only 26 more days until i fly into Seattle! im so stinkin excited!!

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Rae Elizabeth said...

Haha... 26 more days until we meet at the airport! Haha... I'm excited. We get in at like 6:04 or something like that!