Tuesday, April 10, 2007

baby news

Yesterday was my appointment with the nurse and in two weeks i see the doctor. but yesterday i had alot to do in my appointment! lol.. first off a couple weeks ago they gave me paper work to fill out and bring back yesterday.. so i spent 2 hours. yes it took me 2 hours to fill out all this paper work and i kept thinking it was so stupid to fill out half the things it asked me. Like "fill uot a 3 day diary of what you eat" or family history which is fine, but it went into great detail about like cousins, etc. anywho so i go to the doctors and i went to give my paper work to the front desk.. THEY GAVE ME THE WRONG PAPER WORK! i spent so much time and calling my mom for all the details on our family for nothing!! "I DID IT FOR NOTHING" lol anywho. so they gave me the correct paper work and it took 10 minutes lol. anywho.. then i had to do all the regular stuff blood test, pee in a cup etc. but then we got to listen to the baby's heart beat. I COULD HEAR IT!! i alsmost cried. it was music to my hears and a HUGE relief to hear it. allowed me to breathe for the first time in months. i go back in 2 weeks to see the doctor and back in 3 weeks to find the sex of the baby! so excited about that!! anywho i searched on the net for pictures of baby's at 15 weeks and here is one i found that i love.


AmyG said...

so happy for you!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah! The memories flood my mind! Enjoy this time as much as you can...love it, cherish it! I miss it!

Denise said...

Where have I been? This is such GREAT news! I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! There is nothing more amazing in the entire world!