Friday, April 27, 2007

busy busy busy day

yesterday was a SUPER busy day but it was FUN! We had a DR. appointment yesterday. we got to meet our doctor and I really like her. She's nice and was patient with my annoying questions lol :)Logan liked her too. Then we got to hear the heart beat. I heard the heart beat 2 weeks ago, but unfortantly Logan was unable to make the appointment so he heard the heart beat for the first time yesterday. it was amazing and LOUD! :) it was 147 so if you go by the old wise tales its a boy lol.. but we will hopefully find the gender out next week at our ultrasound appointment! :)
After the Dr.'s we went up to Seattle with Ethan, Addie, and Brinnon and went to the science center. it was fun, tiring, but fun. I was super happy Logan came with us and drove. i went right to sleep on the way home, along with all 3 kiddos! YAY :)

On monday i will offically be 18 weeks!! here is a picture of a baby at 18 weeks and next week we will see ours!


AmyG said...

glad the appt went good. can't wait until next week.

Denise said...

I'm so glad the appointment went well! How crazy that you are almost half way there - the time goes soooo quickly! I can't wait to find out what you're having! :o)

p.s. Scrapbook Pictures is having a sale on 8x8 prints for only .99 cents that ends today. Just thought I would let you know incase you print 8x8 layous.