Monday, June 18, 2007

All about the Cupcake

Its all about the cupcakes lately. lol i love cupcakes, super yummy, super cool. So many possiblities to decorate. they are super cute! i love going to and checking out all the cupcake pictures or cakes too! they are some awesome cakes there too.
not a whole lot going on in our little world. Fathers day weekend was awesome. BUSY super BUSY and tons of people, so i got a little stressed. The boys went on an amazing bike race while the girls ate olive garden and shopped for dinner food. then once the boys got back we ate pizza (homemade!) looked at their photos of the race, and enjoyed hanging out with eachother.
Sunday was great. Went to church, ALL OF CHURCH, and that was so nice. its been super busy with all the baby blessings, baptism, holidays, being pregnant etc. that we have missed church alot and i HATE that. Absoultly hate it. so it was SO nice to be back in our regular routine.
Finally got Dannon her own kennel, thanks dad and mom! She didnt have a great night lastnight though, cried alot, peed alot, and cuddled tons. not quiet sure whats going on there, but hope that lastnight will not repeat its self.
well i think i will let you all go :) i will get pictures up asap. i have the ultrasound pictures from back in May from when we found out the sex of the baby. Also blessing pictures, random pictures, fathers day pictures, and layouts, lots of layouts! lol :) have a great day everyone!


Amy said...

Who's Dannon?

I hear ya on themissing church thing. I'm pretty sure they're gonna send the missionaries after us soon. LOL.

Amy said...

Hey! you can't steal my cupcake obsession! :) lol

The Riggle's said...

You were busy this weekend. You can use our scanner to get your ultrasound pics up if you want. Feel free. I didn't know if you knew whether we had one or not. Are there going to be cupcakes at the house when I get home???