Tuesday, June 05, 2007


hey whats up?? not a whole lot here. Just looking around the net at all the cool things out there. I found a website to this cool store that has random things, but i quickly fell in love with these coffe mugs, HOW CUTE?

So bright and fun! they have matching plates too! check it out at patinastores.com
Also i was over at old navy and i found this sweart shirt for baby boys.. LOVE it! wanna get it for Kason.

how cute is that? i love love love it! we were at old navy this weekend, logan needed shorts. THey have SO much girl stuff but like half as much for boys.. so annoying!! but i found these really cute brown pants for 3 bucks! i think he will wear them to church for the first time :) (unless thats his blessing day) which im still trying to find a blessing outfit, anyone know of a good place to find white outfits for boys? let me know!
well hope everyone has a great day!! Rainy here, so its movie day for us! Nice and comfy clothes :)

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Coleen said...

Cute stuff!! I have no idea where blessing outfits up there would be :-( Here, I just ran over to Jolene's to get my nephew's outfit. all kinds of fun :-)