Saturday, April 03, 2010

Kason at 2.5

i never really realized or even thought about how much a child can grow in just 6 months.. in the first six months of life a child can learn to smile, sit, crawl, roll over, laugh, hold things, hold a bottle, find their binky, play, etc. etc. so why does it amaze me everytime Kason grows in leaps and bounds? this post is pretty much for myself to remember Kason at this age, and i have to say so far one of my favorite stages. its tough, but he is absorbing so much each day, its an amazing thing to watch.
-Kason facts-
-He is a Ham. He loves attention and is really great at hamming it up for people and the camera
-He plays shy. He wont talk infront of people and sometimes hides behind Logan or myself. He usually does warm up after a bit.
-He is attached to his beloved bankit dar or in translation Star Blanket. This is not a baby blanket of his.. its a large blanket (bit enough for an adult to cover them selfs while watching tv etc.) it was given to me by a former boss's mother. Its snowmans on one side and stars on the other.. it was one random day MONTHS ago Kason asked for the Dar Bankit.. and since he is attached, doesnt sleep with out it and when he gets upset or over whelmed he needs the blanket.
-He recently has gotten into Thomas the Train and Mickey Mouse Play House
-Still like the wiggles, maybe a little less than before
-Will watch tv for about a 30 min. stretch...
-Has been into cuddling this past month.. this is not normal for Kason so i have been soaking it up... he has not really cuddled unless sick since 6 months.. seriously.
-Drinks from normal cups usually, sippy cups in cars or running about the house
-favorite animals are cows and bunnies.
-Rides one of the cows at our house
-Loves trains and cars and will play on his car carpet for quiet sometime.
-wears a 2t-3t clothes.. pants are ALWAYS long on the child.
-Potty trained, with a few pee accidents every once in a while and still trying on the pooping.
-Sleeps in a big bed.. he climbed out of his crib in Nov. 09 and since then has been in a big boy bed.. sometimes crawls into mommys and daddys bed.
-Figured out how to open baby locked doors (the ones with the covers you have to press on certian spots)
-He loves to try and figure things out.. always has, but more recently he will sit and take apart things and put them back together again.. with a very concentrated mood about him.. he is serious about it when he does it.
-talks in full sentences usually.. and about 50-60% of what he says strangers can understand.. usually.
-Doesnt say his L's, his V's are B's and sometimes R's come out funny
-He likes to say everything is Orange or Blue.
-understands what Big and Little is
-knows that two is more than one and always wants two of everything
-loves yogurt.. we will go through a large container of yogurt in less than a week.
-chocolate..he is a chocolate boy!-He is smart. He just watches you do something, and then he can do it too. always has been a watcher.
-likes to laugh and laughs at his own little jokes all the time.
-LOVES the bunnies at home, but absoulty adores Pepper (my moms rabbit)
-Loves to do things for mommy (helping with laundry, letting the dogs in and out, picking up stuff etc. etc.)
-Stubborn. the most stubborn child EVER
-loves to color, paint, anythign creative... i wonder where he gets that?
-When he wants me to do something and i dont do it, he will grab my hand and try to make my hand do it (like open something etc.)
-loves the water and loves to swim, he is a fish
-loves to go to nursery at church
-loves to plays with his cousins and friends
-likes to jump on the trampoline at my parents house
-whenever he see's the McDonalds symbol (the golden arches) he yells out CHICKEN mommy, that is what he eats there chicken nuggets, but seriously we do not go there often.. like maybe 1-2 times a month... crazy boy
-picks up on things quickly and remembers things pretty well.
-can through a royal trantrum when things are doing going his way
-when he is mad or frusterated he bites his blanket.
-has to sleep with his Mickey Mouse stuffy.

Over all Kason is a bright funny little man. He loves his Papa's and his MaMa's and adores his Daddy. He is amazing and i could never imgain our life with out him. I am glad that he surprised us when he did and that we had him when we did. He is one special amazing little boy and i cant wait to see what he does in life.

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