Friday, April 02, 2010

RS birthday dinner

on March 25th our ward celebrated the Birthday of the Relief Society. In our ward i am the Relief Society Acitivty Leader.. and i LOVE it! this was our second activity with me being the leader and it was a HUGE one! a big dinner with a program.. well i could never have done it with out all the help, so EVERYONE who helped THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! seriously THANKS!
our theme was pioneer sisters.. and since i had been staying at my moms, the theme was brought on from all her neat things around the house... and she let me use them for the dinner, so THANK YOU MOM!! everything turned out wonderful!

each table had a different mini quilt... i made 5 and they turned out so wonderful!the cake! i learned a good lesson though.. do not decorate a cake at midnight while watching "whos line is it anyways" good thing those swirls are to look unique.. i was laughing so hard...
yumfor the cup cake stand i used 3 wooden plates my mom had with a small vase for the bottom thing to hold up the next plate and then a small glass to hold up the top plate
each table had flowers on them in mason jars with fabric tied around
we took a rope and tied it from one side of the gym to the other and used clothes pins and hung up quilts like they were dryingi put the forks and spoons in enamle cup thingsmore of the quiltsi got the flowers at safeway for cheap!! yay!
Over all it was wonderful. We had soup and salad, with rolls. A short talk givin by Kelly, which was a great talk, and just hung out and visited.. it was a good night!

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Kristen and Tyson Cramer said...

So, I was reading Amy Egbert's latest blog post (I used to live in her neighborhood and she's just too nice for me not to at least stay in casual contact with) and noticed your name on the side as a blog she reads. Your name sounded terribly familiar so I decided to take a peek at your blog. Now I remember why your name sounds so familiar! I used to visit teach you in the 18th North Ward! (At least I hope so, or I will feel like a complete idiot) Your little one is such a handsome guy! Congrats. Hope all is well for you guys.