Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kason's birthday Party

I will go ahead now and state there are no pictures as of today. I took my nice camera to the party and took pictures, but now i cannot for the life of me find the cord to my card reader to get my pictures into my computer. so once we get a bit of cash i will be purchasing a new one.

Kason loves to read. His favorites are Dr. Seuss books. He loves the movie "the cat in the hat" and we would spend at least 30minutes each night reading Dr. Seuss books until he fell asleep happy as can be. So when i asked him what kind of party he would like to have for his birthday he told me cat in the hat. I was excited because i knew that would lead to great decorations and fun cupcakes! Then a few days later he asked for a "docer Seuss" party instead.. YAY. he totally made my day there. I LOVE Dr. Seuss and had SO many ideas floating in my head. I asked him one day if he wanted cake or cupcakes, he chose cupcakes, i love this kid!! I made 3 different kinds from three of his favorite books, Green eggs and ham cupcakes, one fish two fish cupcakes, and thing 1 and thing 2 cupcakes from cat in the hat. His cupcake had a large cat in the had made out of gum paste. i had so MUCH FUN making all the cupcakes and using fondant and gum paste. I made two large flag type banners made from broken Dr. Seuss books. We also had burgers and hot dogs, chips, Carmel apples, chocolate dipped pretzels, and pink lemonade! it was a great party held at a local park and we ended up with AMAZING weather!! we lucked out so much! A ton of family and friends came and Kason had a blast!!
I will defiantly post pictures i promise!!


Nadeau Family said...

Hey my computer has a card reader in it so if you are ever in Shelton you could download the pics on to my computer and then burn them onto a cd...just a thought.

Kason's party was a lot of fun and we were so glad we were invited!

Clara said...

I want to see these pics for sure. You need a cheapo card reader that goes into a usb port lady!!!