Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kason's Birthday!!

Kason turned 3 this year!! 3!! where has this time gone too?
His birthday this year fell on a Tuesday and so Daddy decided to take the day off and we would spend the day doing stuff all for Kason.
First off let me tell you Kason LOVES to go to Seattle. He loves to ride the bus's and the ferry and the monorail. He loves the seagulls on the ferry and everything about it.
So when we asked him what he wanted to do on his birthday he thought for a second then excitedly said "SEATTLE!" He makes me smile!!
He has been the to Seattle science center a few times and LOVES it so we were going to take him there, but on his birthday they were in the middle of exhibit changes and i couldn't see paying the same price for not as much stuff to do... (im cheap i know) so we looked into the Seattle Childrens Museum. This place looked great online and the prices were totally reasonable so away we went!!
We started the day by waking him up to birthday waffles! complete with syrup and candles! We then let him play in his new bounce house he got from friends for his birthday. He loved it! We ran and caught the bus right on time and then waited a while for the ferry. We walked around and saw fish and cool fountains and i could tell Logan really enjoyed just watching Kason explore. We got on the ferry and Kason had a blast showing daddy everything he loved about the ferry. We even got some seagulls to eat goldfish crackers from our hands!! well let me tell you I'm a big ol' chicken and Logan got them to eat from his hands. We would also throw them and they would catch the crackers in mid air! pretty cool.
We caught a bus to the westlake mall and caught the monorail over to the seattle center. Kason loves the monorail and it was cool this time because one of the drivers told us interesting facts as we rode. Then we went to the Childrens museum.
This place is AMAZING let me tell you. It's HUGE and has so much for all ages and so many different rooms. The one thing that i absolutely loved was that everything was spaced nicely and was not crammed.
I love the museum in Olympia for kids but their space at the moment is so tight it's hard to move around with there are a lot of kids... so i was defiantly pleased with the space!
Of course one of my favorite rooms was the craft room. They had everything you can think of for the kids to create. Even a large window in a stand up mirror frame they could paint then spray off with water.. it was fun! Kason loved the markers and clay. There are also many different areas where the kids can pretend to be working in a restaurant. Kason LOVED that and would serve us over and over!!
Other rooms included: a Clifford, The big red dog room, a shopping market complete with tiny carts and food, a building room where you can build houses for the kids, an outdoors area complete with a tent, tunnels and caves, an international area with many smaller rooms and houses showing how people around the world live, a invention type room, reading area, water tables, fish tank, fire truck and bus to drive, a theater for dressing up and perform.
Over all this place was amazing and we will be returning.
After we played all day we jumped on a bus and headed down to the waterfront. We ate at red robin and Kason enjoyed his free birthday meal and ice cream. We grabbed some fries from the mcdonalds right by the ferry terminal and fed the seagulls again on the way home. Kason LOVED it and it was a great end to an amazing birthday for the little man!!i love this photo of him, so cute!! and he gobbled up his waffles!!
panting. he loves to paint!
showing daddy how it's done! :)okay so this picture is very blurry but i thought it was funny that it looks like kason is totally checking out the little girl! (yes i blurred the little girls face more, i just wouldn't want my child on some random person's blog so i blurred her face in respect of that)
They had this tunnel thing, it reminded me of the ape caves. Logan bet i could make it through and i didn't think i could. i told him i'd get icecream if i got through.. surprisingly the tunnel was larger then i thought and yes i got ice cream later on that day! lol
The lunch special from Kason that day was: fried hamburgers fish sticks mangos and fries together.. yum.
i promise he was happy to be there and dressed up! lol bad picture. Our little fire fighter
playing in the water table with the boats!
Kason with his birthday ice cream at red robins!

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