Monday, November 01, 2010

101 loop

I love that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the USA, well in my opinion! :)
During conference weekend i decided to surprise logan with a mini road trip. He has never done the whole 101 loop and i hadn't done it in such a long time that i thought it would be a lot of fun for us to do it! I am happy that we did it in the fall, the colors were just amazing!
We got up early Sunday morning and started going north to Poulsbo then over the floating bridge then to hwy 101.
We got to Sequim Bay state park and found a day use area and started breakfast. We brought our camp stove along and yummy food. We made a great breakfast and i am lucky enough to have a phone on which we were able to broadcast conference from.
So as we were enjoying a Delicious breakfast watching the sun break open through the thick gray clouds, birds flying over the water just as the choir started singing. It was truly amazing. We packed up after we were full and continued to drive and listen to conference. we stopped here and there when we wanted and just enjoyed the beauty around us, listened to amazing words of conference, and made lasting memories as a family. Here are a bunch of pictures...
driving over the floating bridge... the weather was looking pretty grim...our view as we listened to the choir sing and ate our breakfast. it was amazing!we pulled Kason straight out of bed and put him in his car seat when we left.. we left so early we didn't want to wake him until we had too.. so he played and ate breakfast in jammies.. reminded me of camping :)i LOVE this picture of Logan and I. we don't have many of just us.The three musketeers! he sacked out after getting a belly full of yummy breakfast.cresent lake. It's between Port Angeles and Forks. The water is really clear and you can see down to the bottom in the shallower areas. It was really cloudy here and a heavy thick mist covered us.growing up in Washington i have always loved how the fog would settle in between the valleys of thick trees. it looks so beautiful to me.We then got to Forks. Or shall i say Twilight central? Logan and i were cracking up the entire time. I have read and love all the Twilight books, but i thought it was funny how everything in Forks is now Twilight..'s a blurry picture.. but that sign says "TWLIGHT FIREWOOD" seriously people!?!?!
We also found it funny that it was BEAUTIFUL and SUNNY in Forks, which is one of the wettest places in the NW and that Sequim, one of the sunniest places was rainy and yucky!!
We drove to the HOH Rain forest. We drove to the actually entrance then turned around. It was beautiful!
We then went to Ruby Beach. This place is BEAUTIFUL! We listened to the last few Conference talks as we walked the beach. It was amazing. It was just amazingly beautiful at the beach, it was a bit windy but it wasn't cold! I loved it. I couldn't believe it was October and it was that nice. The tide was suppose to be all the way out according to tide charts but it wasn't a very low low tide.. oh well it was beautiful still. We did manage to see some sea life but not much. Alot of the tide pools were completely covered.
Kason LOVES the beach and had so much fun making sand castles!!
We then drove to Matlock and visited with Logan's family. Then we came home. It was a great day and a lot of fun! I took WAY more pictures then these but i didn't think you want to see hundreds of pictures!! :)
We want to do the loop again but take a few days to do it next time. There was a lot we skipped so we could make it home before midnight!!

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Kristen and Tyson Cramer said...

Wow. The more I see of this region of the US, the more I think I ought to visit. Thanks for all the pretty pictures!