Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch on the 20th of October. It was a beautiful day, nice and sunny!! It wasn't cold either. We had been having such a nice fall. We went to a small farm in Silverdale. It was perfect for what we wanted, but next year i think we may go to a larger one with more stuff to do.
It was so cute. As we got up to the pumpkins Kason knew exactly what he wanted. He jumped out of the wagon and ran up to the small one and said "my pumpkin!" it was like he had seen it in a vision and knew that was THE one! haha. On the way to the patch he had told me he wanted a small one.He didn't even want to look at any other pumpkinhe carried it back to the wagon all by himself! he was so proudi tried to get his pictures sitting on the pumpkins but he kept giving me this look! it's cute though
i LOVE this picture!!!

After we went to the pumpkin patch we went to Poulsbo to see my grandparents. My Grandpa Martinson and Kason have a special connection and i love how much they love each other. Kason loves to ride on the tractor with Grandpa Martinson and i know Grandpa Martinson loves to give him rides!!It was so cute.. my grandpa told Kason they would go around the driveway loop once.. well as they came around grandpa told me Kason wanted to do one more... and then again one more.. I'm pretty sure it was Grandpa that wanted to keep going around!! He enjoys it just as much as Kason! i love that. My grandpa Martinson is young at heart and is amazing!
They have a porch swing that kason has mastered to get it to swing by himself.. he runs into it and then crawls up as it swings! it's cute.. this is his cheesy grin!
This is Kason's decorated pumpkin!! We used Mr. Potato head parts instead of carving!! it was so fun.. he told me where he wanted something and i used a dowel and punched in a hole and he put what part he wanted into the hole.. this is his finished masterpiece.. the funny thing is he calls it "papa cine", papa cline. :)The artist with his masterpiece!

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Amy said...

Your child is adorable - and SO grown up? Are you seeing the kid in that last photo? He's adorable.