Monday, March 20, 2006


Hey everyone! Sorry its been FOREVER since i last wrote, i have been so busy and really had no time, sorry about that. Anywho i have been working hard with my new tablet and look what i made!! I hope to get them up for sale soon, i love them! Im making more, Im thinking of the words:: Bliss, Joy, Beauty. Then i might do a childrens theme with some words like:: Laughter, Sun Kissed, Genuine, and Magical. Whatcha think? Anywho oh.. dinner tonight i making PASTA CARBONARA! im so excited! i gotta run up to smiths and pick up cream and yummy french bread! yay im excited! Anywho i hope you all are having a wonderful day and hopefully ill get more up tomorrow! love you all!

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mom said...

Laura these look really good. How do you sell them though? Good luck with that. Love Mom