Saturday, March 04, 2006

Happy Birthday AMY!!

Happy Birthday big sis!! (yes i know its a day early, but i have church early and i wanted it up in the morn!) I hope that its great and wonderful!! I cannot believe that time has been passing by so quickly.. im dont think you remember this but i remember one night when i was very little you let me sleep in your bed with you and i remember you let me hold you favorite doll that had the different faces (one on one side of the head and one on the other) im pretty sure this is what is was lol.. anywho and you talking to me about the stars or something.. i dont know but i know that i still look up to you as much as i did as a 4 year old. Thanks for leading the way and always thinking about others. I miss you alot living down here in Utah, but i know its going to make our relationship stronger. Your a wonderful Sister, Mother, Daughter, Wife, Friend and everything in between! Hope you have a great Birthday and Hope your Wish comes true! Love you!

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Amy said...

Thanks Laura!!!

I miss you being here too. Hopefully you'll be back in a couple of years. I must have liked you a lot if I let you sleep with my fav doll ;)