Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Out my Funk

I have been in the worst "funk" with scrapping lately.. i just couldnt make a Lo i actual liked.. good thing It was digital, i can throw it out and not worry about wasting a photo or paper! lol... anywho i finally broke lose! Everything is Dani's besides the quote is my own.. i figured i could make about 10 of those and try to sell those as well :) it would be super fun! i love to do stuff like this! :) anywho.. oh tha pasta carbonara turned out good lastnight, the french bread even better! lol i love garlic bread! hee hee anywho... not too much going on, i have this week off of work, their family is in town. So im just chilling and having some "me" time lol.. mostly constists of doodling on the computer, scrapping, and a nice long BATH :) ahhh so relaxing to just soak! anywho well im going to go now, hope you all have a wonderful day!


mom said...

Cute layout. Glad your dinner was good. Told you it would be. Love mom

AmyG said...

cute layout Laura!