Thursday, September 07, 2006

a blah day

do you ever have days you just fee like "blah" like there erally isnt a name for it.. you not happy but not sad.. your not mad or extreamly excited? i dont know how to explain it... im tired, but im awake and ready to work, but i dont want to work but i dont want to stay at home... i want to play with the kids at work but id also like to just sit and do lesson plans and clean up my classroom.... ug!


Anonymous said...

Been there done that Lol, But then those are the days that define us by how we choose to live that day. We either go about our day trying to be happy until it happens or we can lay down and admit defeat and feel miserable. I choose to be happy . I love you and hope your day only becomes better.
I love your site. It is such a insight into who you are and i like what I see
Love Dad

mom said...

dido, love you mom

Amy said...

everyone has days like that :) Sometimes I feel like I'm kind of just floating through life. I am hoping to change that and seize the day a little more :)

Anonymous said...

Take life by the horns and if that don;t work path up the holes the horns made