Saturday, September 16, 2006

First comes Spring, Second comes Summer, Third comes...

WINTER? where did fall go? is it coming back?? this is what we woke up to this morning... on SEPTEMBER 16TH!

CRAZY!!! its not alot but its something to make this little snowlover happy! i woke up and had to pee, and I walked into the living room to get my chapstick and I looked out the window to see if it was sunny and I got a surprise!! i get to wear my favorite long sleeve shirt, comfy jeans, and my wonderful leather converses... oh so lovin this! i liked summer but 105 degrees gets old after a week. lol i cant wait for my bright green snowboard jacket, getting my board waxed, going up to the mountians and hiking up before the season opens... hot chocolate, layers of heavy blankets at night, sweartshirts, snowmans, sledding, homemade scarfs and beanies. mmmmm... so excited!


Anonymous said...

Nothing beats the First signs of Winter. I enjoy Winter better too. You can only take of so many clothes in the summer before you get arrested. enjoy the Snow when it gets there. We have already seen our first snow at one resort here. Heres to a good Season.

mom said...

Wow.I hope that doesn't mean you are in for a really hard winter. That could get old really fast too. The pictures are really pretty. It looks like you had some fall as the leaf in the picture seems to be changing colors. Love and miss you both, Mom and dad