Saturday, September 30, 2006

some awesome GOODIES!!

Diana and I went to Roberts crafts tonight.. they do a Girls night while the Priesthood confrence session is going on. it wasnt what we thought.. kinda lame but i was able to pick up some things i have been dreaming about for a while and finally i made my self buy them.
i have been wanting these beauitful flowers for some time.. they are so tiny and colorful! perfect for my art journal and scrapbook pages... cant wait to use them!

I have been looking for a good white pen for a while now and tonight i found one that i would try out and see if i like it. Right when i came home i wrote on black paper and i LOVE it! it works great! cant wait to use to for some good old doodling!!


AmyG said...

make sure you post more of your art journal pages. The prima flowers are cute.

Rae Elizabeth said...

Now who needs to update their blog... HUH!?!