Friday, March 07, 2008


hey everyone! we are alive :) we are doing good, its better than i thought it would be, watching three kids 24hours day for 13 days. there is one week left :). Today we are heading out to Logan's mom's house so Ethan can play with the puppies, and Logan can put the parts he just got on his quad. If Ethan is good, he gets a ride on the quad too! :)
So we have been busy, trying to keep Ethan's mind off his parents gone, we have been to the library twice, once for ethan's age for reading time, once for addie's age for reading/play group, the park a few times, walks, made cupcakes, and had a movie night. I am exhausted lol.

Kason is sick again, surprised? im not. poor kid. i think we should invest in a bubble for him to live in. He never really got over his (i cant spell it but here i go) brochulatis. he had a cough for weeks afterwards, then he got another cold and made it all worse again. so he is now on antibotics and we are already starting to see results. YAY!

So here are two pictures, the first is Kason at the park while we all played, poor kiddo, i cant wait until he can run around with us. The second is of him in the highchair while the other kids ate cupcakes, i think he was sad because he didnt get any, soon buddy soon.

we have a busy weekend ahead us of. Tomorrow i am not sure what we are doing, but im sure its not staying at the house all day long. Sunday we are going to church then heading right up to Amy's for the kiddos birthday party! Ethan is excited to go up there.

OOO i almost forgot! Logan and I get to go out ALONE tonight :) Adam and Carrie are babysitting all the kids tonight for us! so we can go to dinner and a movie. Isnt that awesome?? thanks guys!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello, This is Amy's friend, Jodi and I just want to say Happy 22nd Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!

Shawna said...

Oh he is SO CUTE!! WOW he is so big! Time seriously flies doesn't it!??

Have a fun date night!!!

Donna said...

Hope that you have/had a great day

Dana said...

hAPPY birthday (a little late! :) )