Thursday, March 06, 2008


seriously i think i might be loosing it. not because i have three kiddos to take care of now, just plain losing it for no reason at all. Yesterday was my sisters Birthday. I know her birthday is March 5th. I read her blog yesterday about march birthdays and the three birthdays in the first 5 days of march in just her immediate family. So here i am i am talking to her on the phone, blah blah blah, talking to her about Matthew's birthday the day before and then after we say goodbyes i hang up. Well lastnight at 11:50pm it hit me. "OH CRAP TODAY WAS AMY'S BIRTHDAY!!! WHAT A LOSER AM I!!" seriously i just blanked the whole day!! so Amy, please forgive me! lol :) :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I have pictures of Kason to put up, so look for a double post today! :)

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Amy said...

it's okay :)

just don't expect a birthday call on yours. hahaha. j/k