Tuesday, March 25, 2008


yes i am a lsoer. i completely forgot about my blog. sorry for all those who check it out.
we have been super busy!
On March 13th i took the kids and we met clara and derek up at the airport!! they were so excited to see eachother. the kids were very happy to have their parents back.
I also turned 22 that day, go me!! :) lol. Saturday we had a memorial for my uncle who passed away in the end of Feb. It was a sad, but a good memorial, lots of happy moments.
The 16th we had a birthday dinner for my sister, myself, and my mom (her birthday was the 16th!!!) it was yummy ham!! thanks boys for makin it!! we had fun with the birthdaycake as well! we lit candles for my mom, blew them out, took out the extra, lit candles for amy, blew them out, and then took out the extra, lit the candles for me and blew them out! it was fun!
Last week was busy and tiring. Addie is teething like a mad woman, seriously grumpy and in pain, poor girl! and kason is now teething as well. not sleeping, drooling, nasty diapers, fever, and everything else that comes with the teething package. so not exciting.
Easter was great. i made super cute bunny cupcakes! my sister took pictures, ill post them sooner or later. I am taking Kason's 6month pictures this week, as well as some easter ones lol. i was a looser and didnt take any on easter.
we died eggs lastnight! :) late i know but fun! they turned out cool.
Kason is getting so big, well not in size but in skills, here is everything he does now.

Rolls from Tummy to Back
Rolls from Back to Tummy
Rolls all around the floor
Pulls himself across the floor
Holds his own bottle
Eats veggies and fruits
Drinks from a sippy cup
Loves his toys
Puts his own binky in his mouth
And soon, prolly in the next month he will be crawling. he is SO close now. its insane!
well sorry no pictures will get back to you soon!

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Donna said...

Hi Laura,
Oh, it's good to see you're blogging again... I've missed ya.
I am glad that your birthday and Easter were Great!
Wow, I cannot believe how big Kason is getting (in skills) He's already learning to drink from a Sippy Cup... Wow!

Have a Great Day!!!