Saturday, August 02, 2008

First Hair Cut!!

Kason finally got his first hair cut! It was long, in his eyes and over his ears. He needed it bad. So i finally did it.
I wanted to give him his first hair cut, i know silly but i wanted to. so i did. We went over to my mom's so she could help me. It was hard because he kept moving all around and everything but i did get it done and it turned out pretty good. It looks way better now that is has already grown out a big and not so even. lol i know that sound weird but to me it looked like a took a ruler and cut across his forehead. lolI love this picture. I look nervous as can be and Kason looks scared like "GRANDMA DON'T LET HER!"All done! see not too bad! and it opens up his big beautiful eyes!
i will never give him another haircut though i will go get it done at a kid place! lol

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